Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trade Fair

Walt add one main idea per paragraph

Bradley  This term we are learning about Trade and Enterprise. On Friday team 4 had a trade fair where we had to split up into 6 groups. I was in the kitchen group  my kitchen group teacher was Mrs Jacobsen.  My partners were Noah, Andrew and Ngarima. We got to cook lots of yummy Cupcakes. We had to sell the small one for 2pt and the big one was 3pt. We made a lot of money! :) I i’m excited for Market day coming I hope of heaps  of PTS.   

Toni This term we are learning about Trade and Enterprise My group was homeware. My homeware group teacher was Miss Lavakula Partner was  . Riched We sold  candles four 20 pieces four one candle and you get one of free. next I went to buy a chocolate bowl   for  it was 2pt for the chocolate bowl  then I went Omari a buy superhero.Omari sell the Superheros for 3pts. For one. Then it was  finished.  I i’m Excited for market day  because I hope of lots of PTS.

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