Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Today it was cool  because we get to make pizza and how we made it we had to get onion and cheese and tomato sauce and Ham and mince and we had to make a little ball with the mince and we got  help of Tyson and we made a  milkshake with apple and white chocolate and grape and  Orange and then we had to mix the fruit and we had cream  with it and custard .


Today is the Wednesday 27th September and  Today was a cool day and we went down to  Pt England beach and went to see the flounder and  then we had to sing a waiata for the Pt England kid who went to get the flounder  they got more than 20 baby  . The baby flounders will be put into the fish tank, then when they get bigger we will release them back out to sea.
Image result for baby Flounder

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fun run

Image result for fun runon week 6 we had a fun run and we had to run a around the pt england
reserve  and we had to run +2   and it was harid uss